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Wildlife Waystation Closes After 43 Years of Providing Sanctuary for 77K Animals

Terry Miller August 29, 2019

Founder of Wildlife Waystation is ‘devastated and heartbroken’ By Terry Miller The Wildlife Waystation is a 160-acre animal sanctuary in northern Los Angeles County dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating wild and exotic animals. It is with great sadness that we report this sanctuary is closing after helping so many animals for so many years. For […]

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How to Manage the Anxiety of Meeting New People

Stan Popovich December 5, 2019

By Stan Popovich Some people get very anxious when they try to make new friends. Meeting new people for the first time can be very stressful if you are shy. Here are 6 suggestions on how you can make new friends and meet new people without getting anxious and fearful. The most important thing is […]

Keeping Up Job Searches During the Holidays

Angela Copeland December 5, 2019

By Angela Copeland Now’s the time to get started on your resolution to find a new job in the New Year. The holidays are the perfect time to begin your search. Yes, many HR departments are on vacation and hiring appears to halt. But, it’s a great time for you to lay the foundation to […]