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Beginning of the New Decade Strains World Stability

Terry Miller January 9, 2020

Tensions escalate between U.S. and Iran as 3,500 troops head to Middle East post drone attack in Baghdad By Terry Miller We’re but a few days into 2020 and already the fifes and drums are beating for history to repeat itself; imminent presidential impeachment may be looming hard and heavy; plus a brave new world […]

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Career Corner: Generations and Communications

Angela Copeland January 20, 2020

By Angela Copeland Today, there are many ways to communicate. There’s old fashioned in person talking. There’s talking on a landline at home or work, and talking on a cell phone. Then, there’s email and cell phone texting. If you keep going, you’ll find things like messaging on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so many more. […]