Angela Copeland

Angela Copeland October 3, 2019

By Angela Copeland I recently heard a saying that stuck with me: “Learning is the new loyalty.” Hearing this phrase, it felt like the record stopped. Everything was quiet for a moment while I contemplated just how much I agree. Often, I hear from young job seekers who are confused. Their parents have told them […]

Angela Copeland September 14, 2019

By Angela Copeland Have you ever had a great job interview go south? If you were the job seeker, perhaps you weren’t picked right at the very end — after a lengthy interview process. Or, if you were the hiring manager, a candidate that you gave a great offer to turned you down.  These things […]

Angela Copeland September 10, 2019

By Angela Copeland Labor Day is a holiday that honors the American labor movement. It celebrates the development, productivity, and prosperity of the United States. And, it marks the unofficial end of summer. If you’re like most Americans, Labor Day is spent with loved ones and tasty food. But, the end of summer means one […]

Angela Copeland August 29, 2019

By Angela Copeland Job interviews are full of bias. Very often, it’s unconscious. Companies want to be fair. They don’t often realize where they may be biased. That’s where rules around interviewing come in. There are certain laws in place to help minimize bias in the job search process. These laws are to protect the […]

Angela Copeland August 23, 2019

By Angela Copeland There’s a new question emerging in the world of job seeking. It’s something I never expected. It doesn’t happen in every interview but it happens enough that it’s worth mentioning. As you grow in your career, companies expect more. More senior roles require more experience. Job descriptions will ask for 10 or […]

Angela Copeland August 15, 2019

By Angela Copeland Job searching is hard work. That saying “getting a job is a job” couldn’t be truer than it is right now. I hear from job seekers every day who are struggling, and rightfully so. But, it may not be for the reasons they think. When I ask a job seeker what it […]

Angela Copeland August 1, 2019

By Angela Copeland Job seeking is a daunting task. This is especially true if you’re unemployed, and you need to find something quick. It’s painful, long, and challenging. It can be demoralizing. Every day can feel like a struggle. If you have a loved one going through this job search process, you might want to […]

Angela Copeland July 28, 2019

By Angela Copeland Since the launch of the internet, job searching has become increasingly transactional. Job seekers are able to apply to jobs in bulk. In fact, they must apply in bulk if they want to increase their chances of getting hired. Whenever I attend a conference, I always hear at least one of the […]

Angela Copeland July 15, 2019

By Angela Copeland When you’re looking for a new job, the time it takes can feel brutal. Every day, you hope the right job will fall into your lap. Not only are you anxious about this, so are your friends and family. They’ve never seen a job search take so long. Something must be wrong, […]

Angela Copeland July 9, 2019

By Angela Copeland I don’t know about you, but I was told that the person who’s the most qualified and the hardest working gets the job but, it turns out, at many companies it’s just not. I first learned this lesson in graduate school. I attended Pepperdine University in Malibu, Calif. You’ve probably heard of […]