Angela Copeland

Angela Copeland April 18, 2019

By Angela Copeland If you’re in the middle of a job search, you know: it’s not the searching that’s hard. If you have a loved one who’s looking for a job, you may wonder what has gone wrong in their life. They’re moody and they doubt their abilities. You wonder what’s taking them so long. […]

Angela Copeland March 21, 2019

By Angela Copeland The title of my column today may sound a bit confusing. It comes from one of my own career mentors. Years ago, when I was finishing graduate school, I spent a significant amount of time searching for the right job. Occasionally, one would pop up that would seem almost right. It would […]

Angela Copeland March 5, 2019

By Angela Copeland Job searching is one of the most personal impersonal experiences there is. As a job seeker, you pour your heart into your cover letter. You customize your resume. You sit in agony at each step of the process, which can drag out for many months. Along the way, you may encounter many […]

Angela Copeland January 14, 2019

By Angela Copeland Have you ever wondered how your website is doing in the SERPs? What about your PPC? Are you getting a good CPA? What about the CPM? Are you tracking all of your KPIs? Was the last sentence obnoxious, or what? There’s a good chance I almost lost you when you saw it. […]