Terry Miller

Terry Miller February 19, 2020

Proposition 13 (2020) is NOT a repeal of the 1978 proposition with the same digits By Terry Miller Voters are confusing Proposition 13 on the March 2020 ballot with a 1978 property tax initiative. The proposition may have the same number as Proposition 13 of 1978 but it has nothing to do with the well-known constitutional […]

Terry Miller February 13, 2020

Opinion by Terry Miller I find Trump’s utter disdain for the media (particularly the Washington Post and New York Times as “enemies of the people”) somewhat ironic when he held up multiple newspapers last Thursday morning for the media he so fervently scorns. The headlines, of course, blasted the desolately inevitable news of a Senate […]

Terry Miller February 6, 2020

Opinion by Terry Miller Brexit is the nickname for “British exit” from the EU (Economic Union) from which my fellow countrymen and women departed 31 Jan., 2020; or as I prefer to say, Britain took the “way out.” To be clear, when Americans depart someplace or other, they immediately look for an “Exit” sign but we […]

Terry Miller January 10, 2020

By Terry Miller “I’ve suffered for my music, now it’s your turn”– Neil Innes Thanks to internet connections, there is always a Rutles’ song lurking on YouTube and elsewhere I can now share with some of my millennial friends and colleagues — what the late- great musician and humorist Neil Innes was all about. Brilliant […]

Terry Miller January 9, 2020

Tensions escalate between U.S. and Iran as 3,500 troops head to Middle East post drone attack in Baghdad By Terry Miller We’re but a few days into 2020 and already the fifes and drums are beating for history to repeat itself; imminent presidential impeachment may be looming hard and heavy; plus a brave new world […]

Terry Miller January 2, 2020

By Terry Miller Let’s face it; the majority of us here in California rely, perhaps a little too much, on our motor cars — despite the advancements in public transport. So it’s only natural that we commence the new laws with those that directly apply to the DMV. But before we get there, here are […]

Terry Miller December 26, 2019

AB5 will have a devastating impact on news gathering and ride-sharing in 2020 By Terry Miller The New Year is just around the corner and 2020 is bringing with it an overabundance of new laws that will seriously affect the lives of many Californians: from a minimum wage increase to cracking down on vaccine exemptions, […]

Terry Miller December 19, 2019

Local congressman, Adam Schiff, has been at center of House hearings By Terry Miller On the eve of the historic impeachment vote, American citizens voiced their opinions in no uncertain terms Tuesday. Hundreds of thousands of citizens across the 50 states demonstrated that the impeachment articles are real and that many feel the only solution […]

Terry Miller December 12, 2019

By Terry Miller Those of us so-called “boomers” probably remember the old Memorex ad “Blown Away,” “Is it live or is it Memorex?,” referring to the quality of their analog sound recording tape which is all but obsolete now — except for the purists among us who believe vinyl records and magnetic audio tape are […]