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Stan Popovich December 5, 2019

By Stan Popovich Some people get very anxious when they try to make new friends. Meeting new people for the first time can be very stressful if you are shy. Here are 6 suggestions on how you can make new friends and meet new people without getting anxious and fearful. The most important thing is […]

Angela Copeland December 5, 2019

By Angela Copeland Now’s the time to get started on your resolution to find a new job in the New Year. The holidays are the perfect time to begin your search. Yes, many HR departments are on vacation and hiring appears to halt. But, it’s a great time for you to lay the foundation to […]

Greg Aragon December 5, 2019

By Greg Aragon The Belmond El Encanto hotel has welcomed discerning guests since 1918. Perched in the hills above Santa Barbara, this iconic hideaway offers serene seclusion in a relaxed, yet luxurious setting of lush gardens, winding paths and private bungalows. It is has been described as Hollywood glamour in a modern classic and after my recent visit I […]

Terry Miller December 4, 2019

By Terry Miller A new book, “Arroyo” by Chip Jacobs, has recently been published by Rare Bird Books. The novel has a heavy focus on one of Pasadena’s most iconic, mysterious and forlornly rather notorious structures. For decades, hundreds of people have leaped to their deaths 150 feet from the Colorado Street Bridge onto the […]

Terry Miller November 26, 2019

OK, millennials … and now for something completely different By Terry Miller ­ Recently, a wonderful book arrived on my doorstep, “Divided by a Common Language.” As a British expat, I wanted to share with friends and colleagues the terms we use in the U.K. that here, across the Atlantic, mean something completely different. I […]

Silentia Slaboch November 26, 2019

I grew up with canned cranberry jellied sauce so I know how easy it was to sit at the table and wait for someone to pop open the can, give it a few taps, and wait for that long, slow plop, as it hit the plate. Making your own cranberry jellied sauce is delicious, easy […]

Greg Aragon November 21, 2019

By Greg Aragon Mammoth may be a more popular destination in California’s Eastern Sierra, but neighboring June Lake is just as beautiful and also offers unlimited outdoor fun and adventure, such as great fishing, hiking, skiing, sightseeing and more. Tucked at the base of 10,909-foot Carson Peak, the scenic little town and the 14-mile-long June […]

Angela Copeland November 18, 2019

By Angela Copeland In my lifetime, I’ve never seen a time where we were more divided as a nation. Oddly, the job search has also become geographically divided. It is becoming increasingly common for certain jobs to cluster in large cities within the U.S. You probably noticed it when Amazon picked their new headquarters. The […]