Terry Miller January 9, 2020

Tensions escalate between U.S. and Iran as 3,500 troops head to Middle East post drone attack in Baghdad By Terry Miller We’re but a few days into 2020 and already the fifes and drums are beating for history to repeat itself; imminent presidential impeachment may be looming hard and heavy; plus a brave new world […]

Terry Miller January 2, 2020

By Terry Miller Let’s face it; the majority of us here in California rely, perhaps a little too much, on our motor cars — despite the advancements in public transport. So it’s only natural that we commence the new laws with those that directly apply to the DMV. But before we get there, here are […]

Terry Miller December 26, 2019

AB5 will have a devastating impact on news gathering and ride-sharing in 2020 By Terry Miller The New Year is just around the corner and 2020 is bringing with it an overabundance of new laws that will seriously affect the lives of many Californians: from a minimum wage increase to cracking down on vaccine exemptions, […]

Terry Miller December 19, 2019

Local congressman, Adam Schiff, has been at center of House hearings By Terry Miller On the eve of the historic impeachment vote, American citizens voiced their opinions in no uncertain terms Tuesday. Hundreds of thousands of citizens across the 50 states demonstrated that the impeachment articles are real and that many feel the only solution […]

Terry Miller August 22, 2019

By Terry Miller In recent weeks, and the wake of more senseless and horrific mass shootings, the national debate has once again turned to gun control, ease of purchase along with a myriad of unanswerable questions. How can this continue to happen in the United States? Of course, there is no easy answer for such […]

Terry Miller August 15, 2019

Happy cows’ flatulence could be overheating the atmosphere By Terry Miller You may have noticed that each year our planet gets hotter than previous years and while the naysayers say there’s no such thing as global warming, there is obviously a great danger for our Earth. Life on Earth depends on energy coming from the […]

August 8, 2019

Police believe the El Paso shooter targeted Latinos By Terry Miller Since last weekend, politicians, pundits and conspiracy theorists have pointed their collective fingers for the senseless killings (Texas and Ohio) at everyone/thing from Mr. Trump to the decline of “American family values,” to transgender acceptance — the list goes on. Whichever way you look […]

Terry Miller July 18, 2019

Recent earthquakes shake, rattle and roll residents with talk of ‘The Big One’ By Terry Miller There is little scientific evidence that the summer heat we’re experiencing and earthquakes are somehow related, however the so called Shake-and-Bake theory is very much alive, especially on the internet. There is even an “earthquake cake” resourceful bakers have […]

Terry Miller July 11, 2019

Give us your tired… By Terry Miller In the over-the-top $1.7m Trump celebration of freedom in Washington last week, the very thing we cherish most is that which citizens of oppressed nations so desperately seek. It wasn’t so long ago when the poem on the Statue of Liberty, Emma Lazarus’s 1883 sonnet “The New Colossus” […]