Angela Copeland January 20, 2020

By Angela Copeland Today, there are many ways to communicate. There’s old fashioned in person talking. There’s talking on a landline at home or work, and talking on a cell phone. Then, there’s email and cell phone texting. If you keep going, you’ll find things like messaging on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so many more. […]

Angela Copeland January 6, 2020

By Angela Copeland January is finally here. The start of this New Year seems to be hitting many people hard. It’s the beginning of a new decade. Even the year, 2020, gives us some pressure to find our way and see the future more clearly. Over the holidays, you may have taken a little time […]

Angela Copeland December 30, 2019

By Angela Copeland This is the perfect time to work on your 2020 plan. As you prioritize your New Year’s resolutions, consider a career cleanup along with your plans to go to the gym more often. If you’ve been thinking of a career change, whether it’s an internal promotion or moving to a new company […]

Angela Copeland December 25, 2019

By Angela Copeland The title of this column may sound funny. After all, you’re looking for a new job, not a steak and baked potato. On the surface, you’re right, but there are lessons you can carry over from your dinner tonight to your job interview tomorrow morning. Like a dinner party, you never know […]

Angela Copeland December 16, 2019

By Angela Copeland I received a text from a friend a few years ago. It said, “I spent some time today figuring out a new video software.” And, it had a link to a fun short video. This friend doesn’t use video at work, but he and two other IT guys are creating a YouTube […]

Angela Copeland December 11, 2019

By Angela Copeland In less than three weeks, the race will be on. Are you ready? You may wonder what race I’m talking about. It’s time for one of the most important races of your life: the race to your dream job. Over the holidays, hiring slows down. Although it doesn’t completely stop, some companies […]